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viaSteps – software with pre-made video scenarios for dealerships

Video has always improved the sales and service funnels on all stages, especially since Covid-19 has drastically accelerated video use. Video remains the most powerful tool for building trust even during covid 19's widespread presence. Despite this, we understand that - creating videos is demanding, complex, and requires automation.

That is why -viaSteps- was created for dealerships, a simple to use and navigate application via simple step by step instructions to create dynamic videos and achieve outstanding results.

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viaSteps products

Step-by-step video is Sales

Профессиональные сценариям продающих видео, с максимальными конверсиями

Automated Inventory Videos

Технология которая помогает обогатить весь склад видепрезентациями из фото

viaSteps Service Upsale tool

The transparency of the video is going to sell for you

viaSteps Testimonials

Систематизируй создание отзывов о вашем автосалоне

viaSteps Custom video

Создай свой сценарий и систематизируй любой процесс с помощью видео

Dealership profits

Standardized step-by-step actions

Pre-made usage scenarios

No expert nor expertise needed

Lower costs on operators

Easily publish — phone to dealership sites and classifieds

Lower costs for our software... it’s not a “Spaceship”

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